16 Apr 2024

Filippo Munna

Sales Director Mobile Pipeline , Hexagon Agility

Filippo Munna brings over two decades of expertise in automotive and alternative fuels, seamlessly navigating technical and commercial roles across Europe and Asia. His track record includes leading forty-plus automotive OEM projects, including pioneering ventures like the OEM Toyota Corolla and Toyota Vigo Advanced compressed natural gas.

Joining Hexagon Mobile Pipeline in 2015 as Sales Director for Mobile Pipeline®, Filippo has been a driving force in advancing transport and industrial decarbonization efforts. The 2021 merger of Hexagon Mobile Pipeline and Agility Fuel Solutions into Hexagon Agility further solidified its position as a premier provider of biomethane and natural gas solutions.

Currently spearheading the EMEAA Mobile Pipeline business for Hexagon Agility, Filippo continues to foster connections between communities and industries, facilitating the transition to sustainable fuel solutions. His impact extends to deploying Mobile Pipeline solutions for biomethane and marine applications in Northern Europe, showcasing his commitment to innovation and sustainability. No pipeline. No problem.