Biogases Masterclass – Derisking a biogas plant

26 Feb 2024

Biogases Masterclass – Derisking a biogas plant

This 1-day course will provide a comprehensive view on how to derisk your biogas plant. It focusses on 4 main areas: financing, technology, operations and health & safety. Those areas have a direct impact on project development and operational excellence of the plant and when executed well, will ensure proper control and effectiveness.

What are the advantages?
- Comprehensive overview on de-risking a biogas plant
- Learning about financial drivers, do’s and don’ts
- Creating an overview of technology choices in relation to efficiency and operational excellence
- Understanding the role of operations
- Raising awareness on best practises in health & safety

The Biogases Masterclass will launch the activities of the European Renewable Gas Training Centre, initiated by EBA. This masterclass will be followed by a series of 4 deep-dive courses in 2025.

What are the objectives?
- Financing: Get an overview of financing structures and needs for security for both developers and financers.
- Technology: Focus on how technology can secure operational performance.
- Operations: get insights on running a plant efficient and how to avoid mistakes
- Health & Safety: Introduction to best practises, both on technology level and (personal) safety precautions, to ensure trustworthy and safe operations.

Who should attend?
This 1-day course is particularly suited for project developers, operational managers and new comers to the sector. It offers both people new to the sector as well as those who are already involved for several years comprehensive insights in de-risking a biogas plant.

The masterclass on de-risking a biogas plant will give a detailed overview of the 4 topics: finance, technology, operations, health & safety. Each topic will be introduced by experts.

Practical Information
Date: 22nd of October, full day
Time: 9:00-17:30 followed by a networking cocktail until 19:00
Limited availability

Location: Comet Louise – place Stéphanie 20, 1050 Brussels
Lunch and cocktail included

Register here
Non-Members: €845
EBA Members: €425

By registering to the Masterclass, you will receive a rebate voucher of 10%, which will be applicable to each of the deep dive courses.