We produce Europe’s smartest fuel

Location: Hagelsrum dairy farm, Målilla, Sweden
Date: March 2021
Photographer: Joakim Ståhl
Sent by: Biogas Academy
Description: : At Hagelsrum dairy farm in Målilla, Sweden, the Birgersson family is showing Europe the path to sustainable energy independence. The oldest of three siblings, Tom Birgersson (left) is in charge of biogas production and upgrading on the farm. Tom also operates public biomenthane fueling stations in five nearby towns. Treating manure from neighbouring farms, the Hagelsrum digester supplies the region with both high-quality fertiliser and sustainable energy. With the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the 2022 RePowerEU energy plan to replace imported natural gas from Russia, the Birgersson family has created a model for all of Europe to copy.