From Italy, 7000 tonnes of liquefied biomethane per year!

Location: Schiavon (VI), Italy
Date: May 2023
Photographer: AB, Marketing team
Sent by: AB, Italy
Description: Italy: this is how 7000 tonnes per year of liquefied biomethane are produced! It all starts with 120 local livestock farms that send their effluent (manure, slurry, and poultry manure) to two plants (Motta Energia and EBS), where it is treated and transformed into biogas. The biogas generated by the anaerobic digestion process is then purified into biomethane via two membrane upgrading systems and converted to liquid form using two liquefactors. It is then destined to supply about 200 trucks. This generates a virtuous cycle of resource management, optimised land use, production of renewable energy, and reduction of emissions.