Biogas balloon on the site of the intermunicipal waste company, EcoWerf

Location: Aarschotsesteenweg 212, 3012 Leuven, Belgium
Date: June 2023
Photographer: Céline Wyffels
Sent by: Biogas-E
Description: The photo was taken during a tour of the site of the intermunicipal waste company, EcoWerf. On 17 March 2023, EcoWerf opened its new anaerobic digester, which produces biogas from organic waste. About 50,000 tonnes of organic waste can be processed every year. The organic waste is first digested and then mixed with green waste for further composting. The biogas produced can be valorised locally in a CHP. 25% of the energy produced is reused in the company’s own buildings and installations; 75% is distributed via the electricity grid. This results in a CO2 saving of approximately 5000 tonnes per year. In this way, EcoWerf helps Flanders to achieve its climate objectives.