The biogas chain in the future energetic mix: opportunities, challenges and possible developments in the alpine region

Bioenergia Trentino Srl and Fondazione Edmund Mach organised a technical round table for managers of local organic waste plants, agricultural biogas plants and wastewater treatment plants on Wednesday 25 October from 2pm to 4.30pm . The event focused on the role of biogas/biomethane at the local/national level and the perspectives for the next future in a mountain territory of Northern Italy (Trentino and Alto Adige).

The circular economy approach realised by the hosting plant (BioEnergia Trentino) was emphasized as best practice, passing through the selected organic waste collection, the anaerobic digestion with biogas and biomethane production, the composting of digestate and its agronomical use. The round table allowed the stakeholders to share their expertise about the challenges and opportunities of managing and optimizing such a complex process and begin fruitful collaborations to boost the regional circular economy.

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Bioenergia Trentino Srl & Fondazione Edmund Mach