Plant visit and high level workshop on Organic Waste Management and Circular Bioeconomy

Representatives of the regional government and close municipalities, relevant entrepreneurs, and journalists visited the En Ergon’s biomethane plant in the morning. In the afternoon, the participants had the chance to attend the high level workshop on Organic Waste Management and Circular Bioeconomy topics in the 18th century theatre of Ostra.

The workshop was moderated by Fabio Fava, Full Professor of “Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology” at the University of Bologna (Italy), Vice-Chair of the CBE JU states’ representatives group, and Italian Representative for Bioeconomy at EU Commission.

After the welcome speech of Federica Fanesi, Mayor of Ostra Municipality, the following speakers presented their respective field of expertise:

- Franco Cotana (CEO, RSE – the Research company owned by GSE, identified by the Italian State to pursue and achieve environmental sustainability – Professor at the University of Perugia - Italy)
- Piero Gattoni (President, CIB the Biogas Italian Consortium - Vice-President, EBA the European Biogas Association)
- Massimo Centemero (General Director, CIC the Italian Composting and Biogas Association)
- Marco Ciarulli (President, Legambiente Marche)
- Bruno Garbini (President, Arca Srl Benefit)
- Massimiliano Riderelli Belli (CEO, En Ergon Srl – General Director, Astea Spa)

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