First Forum of the Polish Biomethane Organization in Warsaw

The first Forum of the Polish Biomethane Organization, within the framework of the European Biomethane Week, was organised at a unique - post-election - time, when in Poland, on the one hand, the development of the biomethane industry is being supported through the ongoing legislative process, while on the other hand, the sector is struggling with barriers, which often concern the acceptance of planned and constructed installations among local communities.

Are we able to demonstrate the benefits of commissioning a biomethane plant, rally local communities and take advantage of existing substrate prospects for biomethane production growth and scalability? Defining the main needs of the biomethane sector was undoubtedly one of the key issues that should appear on the government's agenda.

The conference was addressed to biomethane industry, suppliers of biogas and biomethane technologies, representatives of government administration, representatives of municipal companies and local governments, organizations and the environmental community, energy and fuel industry, scientific staff and academia, representatives of business, agriculture, transport and industry.

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